Our Practice Areas


We represent clients in matters related to child custody, parenting time, and parenting plans, helping them to understand their rights and the legal implications of various custody arrangements.  Whether you are establishing, modifying, or enforcing orders, we work through conflicts in a way that supports your co-parenting relationship long after the litigation has ended.


At Files Hayle, we handle divorce actions ranging from simple to highly complex cases involving substantial assets and/or complicated custody issues, with a strong focus on negotiating favorable outcomes and minimizing contentious litigation.  We also represent clients looking to change the terms of an existing divorce decree, or enforce the terms of an existing decree that is being violated by the opposing party.

Business Litigation

Our attorneys handle legal disputes and conflicts that arise in the regular course of business, including employment agreements, non-compete clauses, contract disputes, and business formation agreements. Our primary focus is on resolving clients’ disputes in a way that best protects and promotes their businesses, whether through negotiation or litigation when necessary.  

Legal Malpractice

We represent clients who have been victims of legal malpractice.  Legal malpractice arises when the attorney or law firm hired by the client commits acts of negligence or misconduct which harm or damage the client and/or the client’s case.  This most often happens when attorneys miss a statute of limitations, fail to disclose a conflict of interest to the client, or mishandle client funds.


Kristen Files and Donna-Marie Hayle are registered mediators, trained to handle both general civil litigation and domestic relations cases.  In addition to their many years of practical experience, they bring the Files Hayle approach to their mediations, focusing on preserving the parties’ relationships and interests and minimizing the contentious nature of litigation in order to reach a mutually beneficial resolution.

Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

At Files Hayle, we prepare and negotiate prenuptial agreements, commonly referred to as “prenups.”  A prenuptial agreement is a written contract entered into by two parties before they get married.  Postnuptial agreements are entered into after two parties are married.  We work with our clients to understand their financial circumstances and ensure that their prenuptial agreement reflects their desired outcomes. 

Bar Grievance Proceedings

At Files Hayle, we represent attorneys facing disciplinary action arising from the representation of a client.  Specifically, our services include representing attorneys at fee arbitration panels through the State Bar of Georgia, preparing grievance responses and rebuttals in cases where a bar grievance has been filed by a former client, and representing attorneys in formal grievance proceedings before the State Bar of Georgia.

Construction Litigation

Our attorneys handle a wide range of litigation issues that arise in the construction industry.  Specifically, we handle the legal disputes and conflicts that can arise during the course of a construction project, often betweeb contractors and subcontractors, including but not limited to breach of contract, construction defects or deficiencies, payment disputes, property liens, and insurance disputes. 

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